AHA Annual Membership Meeting: Cancellation FAQ

AHA Annual Meeting Update Banner. The 2020 AHA Annual Membership Meeting is cancelled as of Monday, March 16. Learn more here.

  • In light of the latest COVID-19 developments and CDC recommendations during this unprecedented time, hospital and health system leaders must remain on site caring for patients and communities while also supporting employees and staff including frontline caregivers.

  • Anyone who has registered for the annual meeting will receive a full refund via the registrant’s original payment method. No action is required. Registrants will receive confirmation receipts via email upon completion of their refund. Should you have a special request regarding your refund, please contact AnnualMeeting@aha.org immediately.

  • The Marriott Marquis will automatically cancel all room reservations and refund deposits directly, within the coming days. If you have any questions regarding your reservation, you may call the Marriott directly at 877-212-5752.

    AHA staff that made flight reservations through AHA’s American Express travel center, you must cancel your own reservation and a credit will be applied to your profile. You must still submit an expense report for the flight, regardless of the cancellation.

  • The AHA is focused on providing hospital and health system leaders with continual updates and resources on COVID-19.

  • If you requested function space during AHA’s meeting, it has been automatically cancelled for you. No action is required. Please contact those that you’ve invited to your function and inform them of the cancellation. Should you need further assistance, please contact eshelman@aha.org.

  • If you have made dining reservations at the Marriott Marquis or other Washington, D.C., venues, please call and cancel at your earliest convenience.